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Elite Barber Shop provides haircuts with a dash of class​

I worked heavily on our December cover story about salons, spas and barbers for a city magazine called Vox. Four writers, including myself, talked to over 50 shops to write a blurbed styled guide on each shop.  We also wrote short stories about more interesting shops.  Here's a piece I wrote about a barbershop trying to keep things "old-school".
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Comic book recommendations for those new to the genre​

Comic books are one of the best forms of storytelling.  It captures our imagination and keep us engaged.  Their characters are immortalized in our American zeitgeist. I had the opportunity to talk with comic lovers about the best way to start out in the genre.  It's always a good day when you get to talk about Batman, Captain America and more.  
Arts and Culture


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True/False film review: La Flor De La Vida​

Those who create good video watch a lot of videos.  I'm no exception. I love watching documentaries and movies to develop new storytelling techniques.  Here's a review I wrote about a documentary about love and loss between one couple in Uruguay. ​
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Citizen Jane film review: The films in 'Shorts: Intersection' shed light on social issues​

Documentaries are fun, but shorts are my favorite.  They use less time to tell a story and I enjoy their fast pace and unique storytelling techniques. This short series I wrote about discussed the intersections we face as people with multiple and unique identities.
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