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I've produced and boothed 30-minute newscasts at KOMU 8 News the local NBC affiliate in Columbia, Missouri, for one year.  I've worked on almost all of our station's weekday and weekend shows.  As a producer, I focus on the best way to visually tell a story and strategically stack my show to create breakouts while leading with compelling stories.



Full Broadcast

I started with confirmed police scanner traffic in a cold open to draw viewers into a show, about three hours after a shooting took place at a funeral for a community leader.  I used a map to show where the shooting occurred and then introduced my anchors quickly so I can toss to my reporter on the scene for the show to maintain its fast pace.  
I move my anchors around set to create smooth transitions and a more engaging broadcast. I use BAMs to add more visual elements.  Normally, I only use one shot in a BAM because the visual elements compete against the viewer's ear.  However, for George H.W. Bush's passing, I wanted the viewer focused on the video because viewers had already received an alert or notification on their phone about this news.
I always use social media while working on my shows.  I use it to add content, breakout local stories and localize national stories.  In this show, I used social media for the Facebook statement and local politician's reactions to the former president's death.  
I look for the most compelling lead to start all my shows.  I prefer to lead with local stories, but I'm not scared to lead with national stories.  This broadcast was our first show after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and none of our local content was leadable or new.  I localized our coverage with statements from Missouri elected officials.
I always tease weather before I go to break because it's the best tease to keep my audience watching.
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