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Audio Reporting

Radio Bulletins

These are some of the radio bulletins I wrote and produced while at Feature Story News in Brussels, Belgium, during the summer of 2018. These pieces would run at radio stations all over the world.  I wrote a story every morning on European news issues, sometimes having a script ready before our newsroom even opened. 


Podcasts are trendy and we all probably have at least one we love. I am fully versed in how to create a podcast and here’s one where I interview Parker Boron, a University of Missouri senior and the co-founder of Apex Media, a startup company focused on marketing. My interview starts at 4:54.

This was also the first interview we did on Facebook Live. The video received a lot of engagement from views, likes, comments and shares.  

Enterprise Stories

I worked with three other journalists on a story about doctors accepting payments and gifts from drug and medical device companies.  We found this story through the open payments data set. This data set reports almost every gift drug and medical device companies give to any doctor

We talked to the head of ethics at MU Health Care, who admitted to these payments affecting his prescription habits.


Daily Shifts

Men with Calculator

I occasionally reported day turn stories for the NPR affiliate, KBIA, in Columbia, Missouri.

This story focuses on people getting an extra day to file their income taxes after a computer glitch on the filing deadline. I called over 50 accountants to find sound but had no luck getting a quote. I used sound, instead, from a computer expert on why the IRS website crashed and filed my story on time for deadline. The story starts at 1:59.

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